Low Cost Indexing Conveyor

Frequency inverter indexes conveyor

Low cost, simple and right on target

When Smith and Nephew required a low cost indexing conveyor for the pharmaceutical packaging facility they chose to use an MBS conveyor with Lenze control equipment.

Drive Gearbox and Control Cabinet

As a Lenze Systems partner Cornfield Engineering Solutions were chose to design, build, program and commission the control system. A Lenze GKR geared motor with low cost 128 ppr HTL encoder was chosen along with a Lenze 8400 Highline drive and EL103ECO HMI.

This combination gives full motion indexing of the conveyor, traditionally associated with a servo class product from a system that is utilising products that are traditionally used for general speed control.

Full electrical drawings were completed and the control panel built, incorporating the EL103ECO HMI and the 8400 Highline drive alongside the general control components and appropriate safety controller. The software was developed such that the system did not require a PLC, instead utilising the comprehensive flexibility of the Lenze 8400 Highline drive with the HMI used to provide the required index distance and motion requirements. This gave a system that could continue to operate successfully if the HMI became damaged until a replacement HMI could be sourced, reducing the risk of production downtime.

The control panel and external operator buttons were installed and the whole system commissioned before being shipped to the Smith and Nephew facility.

The indexing conveyor was put into production without further input from Cornfield Engineering Solutions ensuring this project was truly low cost.

Optimal products, quick programming, quick commissioning = Low Cost Indexing Conveyor.

Control Panel
Conveyor Control Station
Drive End with Gearbox and Control Panel

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